VISA Global Asbestos Update


There is ongoing intervention by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection on the importation of asbestos and/or goods perceived as containing asbestos, DIBP Notice No, 2016/30 has been replaced by DIBP Notice No. 2017/21 containing a restatement of the DIBP’s policy.

The Australian Border Force (ABF) must be satisfied that goods entering Australia do not contain asbestos.

Under powers in the Customs Act 1901, the ABF can examine goods and seek additional information from

importers to determine whether the goods are prohibited imports, Goods suspected of containing asbestos will be held at the border until either the ABF is assured the importation is lawful or the ABF is satisfied of nil asbestos content. Goods found to contain asbestos will be seized and the importers will be subject to penalties or prosecution.

It is the responsibility of importers to take appropriate action to ensure that they do not import goods that contain asbestos into Australia.

Solely relying on a declaration from your supplier that states goods have a nil asbestos content may not

provide adequate assurances for our Customs Brokers in answering the Community Protection Question for your goods I DO these goods contain asbestos?’, Importers also need to have sufficient knowledge of their goods back to the point of manufacture and be able to provide additional supporting documentation that asbestos was not present at any point in the supply chain process. Additional information constituting further due diligence can be found in due diligence can be found factsheet.

We understand that navigating the complexities and legal obligations of this topic can seem a little overwhelming and frustrating but it’s extremely important to be certain that your goods do not contain asbestos.

Please contact our Customs Brokers Team at if you have any questions.

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