A tropical cyclone is around 800 km’s off the coast of QLD and moving towards the south east corner of QLD. This tropical cyclone is already causing significant delays to the shipping schedule with vessels omitting Brisbane and stevedores taking significant steps to reduce risk. Already DP World and Hutchinson’s have stopped accepting empty containers with re-directions from the shipping lines being put in place. Patricks terminal currently have ceased road operations for the weekend with a further update to be made tomorrow if this situation is to change.

The current weather forecast for Brisbane over the following 3 days is for significant gale force winds with swells of 5m forecast which will impact on all vessel arrivals and departures and work will cease at all Stevedores should they feel it is unsafe to operate.

VISA anticipate this storm will cause significant delays to all operations on the Port of Brisbane which in turn could have an impact on our ability to return empty containers, collect full import containers from Stevedores and deliver to clients. We will do our upmost to minimise these delays and ensure that we are keeping you up to date with real time information as we receive it from stakeholders.

Below is the most recent update from Bureau of Meteorology:

Abnormally high tides and dangerous surf conditions are expected along the southern Queensland coast over the next few days and into early next week. Seas and swell are expected to increase well ahead of the approach of Oma with dangerous surf developing about the east coast of Fraser Island and Wide Bay coast north or Bargara later this afternoon and evening. These conditions are then expected to extend south over the remaining South Eastern Queensland coast and northern New South Wales coast during this evening and Friday. Beach erosion is likely to continue with the hazardous marine conditions.

Gale force winds are expected to develop along exposed coastal areas of southern Queensland during Friday well ahead of Oma and may extend into coastal parts of Northern New South Wales on Saturday.

Water levels on the high tide may exceed the highest tide of the year by around one meter on the morning high tides over the next few days.

If you have any questions, please contact you customer service representative.

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