Please be advised there will be an increase in the toll levy per container for Melbourne deliveries made from 25 March 2019. City Link increases tolls every 3 months in accordance with an agreement it has with the Victorian Government. VISA has not adjusted its Toll Levy for the last 7 quarters. The return trip toll levy will be as follows for LCL & FCL deliveries from 25 March 2019;

  1. Western Levy: $14.00
  2. Northern Area 1 Levy: $26.75
  3. Northern Area 2 Levy: $39.90
  4. South Eastern Area 1: $43.20
  5. South Eastern Area 2: $48.65

It must be pointed out that where VISA carries out side loader deliveries and trailer drop out deliveries that require VISA to return to depot empty and then travel again to collect containers, the Levy will be 2 times the amounts set out above. Should you have any questions regarding this notice please contact your sales or customer service representative.

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