The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources is currently hosting industry information sessions across
Australia to provide information on the 2019-20 BMSB seasonal measures.

Strengthened measures will be introduced for goods shipped to Australia as sea cargo between 1 September
2019 and 30 April 2020 inclusive.

The attached notice provides further information on the proposed measures for next season which are
summarised below.

• The number of Target Risk countries will increase from 9 to 32
• The proposed list of goods and tariff chapters for Target High Risk and Target Risk goods is still
under consideration
• Target High Risk goods will require mandatory treatment
• Target Risk goods will not require mandatory treatment
• All Target High Risk and Target Risk goods will be subject to increased onshore intervention
• Mandatory offshore treatment of Target High Risk goods is being proposed for LCL and FAK
• Mandatory offshore treatment of Target High Risk goods shipped as break bulk, including open-top
and flat-rack containers remains unchanged
• FCL consignments with Target High Risk goods can continue to be treated offshore or onshore at
the container level only
• Treatment options will remain unchanged
• Approved Offshore BMSB Treatment Providers Scheme will continue
• Heightened surveillance on all vessels will continue
• Some safeguarding arrangements are under consideration.

We understand the measures are complex but throughout the season, we will continue to provide strong
support and keep you updated as new information becomes available.

Shipping your goods with VISA Global Logistics ensures all your offshore and onshore BMSB treatment
needs can be effectively managed providing peace of mind. Our facilities are biosecurity approved to ensure
the treatment and inspection processes are seamless.

If you have any specific questions or scenarios that require advice, please don’t hesitate to contact your VISA

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