Please note that due to the approaching 2 public holiday weekends from 17th – 29th April there will be limited capacity for transport companies to return and dehire empty containers. This is because many empty container parks will be closed during weekends and public holidays.

Due to these public holidays there will be more than 30% capacity taken away from being able to dehire empty containers. Whilst VISA will continue to work around the clock collecting the imports from the port, we will be forced to hold large volumes of empties which cannot be dehired.

To circumvent this, we please ask that you notify VISA of your empty container as soon as possible and coordinate with VISA Transport and your customer service representative to arrange empty collection. Please consider the benefits of opening after hours to accommodate empty pickups.

The associated congestion due to these public holidays will be felt for weeks after these public holidays. We will do what we can to reduce any additional costs, however VISA will not be held accountable for detention where empty park closures and congestions force us to hold large numbers of empty containers.

VISA will continue to monitor the situation, should you require any more information please don’t hesitate to contact your Customer Service Representative or Account Manager

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