In early 2018 VISA introduced an Intermodal Terminal Levy to cover its intermodal terminal operation costs.

Since the introduction of the Intermodal Terminal Levy we have seen;

1. A further worsening of the container de-hire situation, which has resulted in a substantial increase in the number of empty containers that need to be moved through VISA’s intermodal facilities after VISA has collected the empty containers from our customers. In effect, containers now move in most cases through VISA’s intermodal facilities twice.
2. This has resulted in substantial increases in the Terminal costs: substantial rent increases, additional lifting equipment and higher labour costs.

As you are aware, VISA increased its intermodal footprint in 2018;

1. Increased Sydney capacity by 200% (Erskine Park)
2. Increased Melbourne capacity by 100% (Dandenong).
3. Increased Brisbane capacity by 100% (expanded existing facility).
4. Increased Fremantle capacity by 100% (Bibra Lake).

What has occurred during 2018 & 2019 is that the additional capacity has largely been consumed by the substantial rise in empty containers needing to be “staged” in VISA’s terminals. As a consequence, VISA has had to plan further increases in capacity in its terminals in 2019.

Therefore, VISA has no alternative but to increase the Intermodal Terminal Levy. From 15 July 2019 the new rates will be, per container, as follows;

1. Sydney: $34.75 per full container.
2. Brisbane: $26.50 per full container.
3. Melbourne: $26.00 per full container.
4. Perth: $26.50 per full container

The levy will apply to all full containers entering VISA’s intermodal terminals on or after 15 July 2019.

Should you have any questions regarding this levy please contact your Customer Service Representative or our National Transport Manager, Scott Walker on 02 9695 3830 /

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