In October, VGL sent out a notification about the difficulties expected to be experienced during this Christmas and New Year public holidays.

1. Larger cargo volumes than expected. The monthly December / January cargo arrivals will exceed the volumes of November, traditionally the peak month.
2. All Christmas and New Year holidays fall mid-week.
3. Significant customer closures during this period, with most closed from COB 20 December 2019 until 02 January 2019.

Five working days will be lost during this period due to public holidays and related closures;

1. Christmas Eve, 24 December 2019
2. Christmas Day, Wednesday 25 December 2019
3. Boxing Day, Thursday 26 December 2019
4. New Year’s Eve, Tuesday 31 December 2019
5. New Year’s Day, 01 January 2020

These closures, combined with customer closures between 21 December 2019 and 05 January 2020 and much larger cargo volumes than expected will mean;

▪  Delivery of cargo arriving between 13 December 2019 and 19 December 2019 cannot be guaranteed before Friday, December 20, 2019.
▪  Delivery of cargo between 02 January 2020 and 15 January 2020 will be delayed.
▪  For all containers delivered within 72 hours of public holiday closures, pick up cannot be guaranteed before those public holidays.
▪  Last-mile deliveries from our warehouse network may also be subject to similar delays.
▪  There will be increased delays in processing BMSB treatments.

VGL cannot therefore, accept liability for any wharf storage or container detention charges incurred during the period of 19th December 2019 to 27 January 2020.

VGL will only close on the four designated public holidays and will add additional shifts, including weekend shifts, to assist in managing this difficult period.

Please contact your Customer Service Representative for further information.

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