Please be advised that an Intermodal Terminal Levy will be introduced in Adelaide, effective 1st February 2020.

To meet the micro demands of our customers, VGL established, at significant cost, intermodal facilities to manage the time of day operational disconnect between the terminal operators, empty container yards and  customer delivery requirements.

Over time the cost of dealing with the operational disconnect of these parties and the costs of maintaining our intermodal terminal facilities has risen substantially. Some of the cost increases include;

1. Increasing rental costs.
2. Increasing equipment capital and operating costs.
3. Increasing labour and other operational costs due to;
a. The ever increasing congestion of our facilities caused by bottlenecks at ship terminals and empty container yards (storing both prior to delivery and again after delivery).
b. The continued and worsening disconnect between operational hours of ship terminals, customer demands and empty container yards.

The Intermodal Terminal Levy will be charged on all full containers passing through VGL’s intermodal terminals (empty containers transiting back through our terminal will be exempt) and will be subject to 6-monthly review.

The rates per each full container will be as follows: $21.00 per full container

The levy will apply to all full containers entering VGL’s intermodal terminals on or after 1 February 2020.

If you have any questions relating to the above or require further information, please contact your local VGL representative.

Thank you for your continued support.

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