The outbreak of this deadly disease has and is causing serious problems for all parties within the Chinese goods supply chain.

While all major sea and airports are open, goods manufacturers have been slow to re-open after Chinese New Year through a mixture of Government emergency regulation and concern for the welfare of staff.

As at today, Wednesday the 12th February we know;

➢ All ports (terminals) are open (except Wuhan air and river port), though with reduced staffing levels.

➢ Most shipping lines are operating for cargo bookings etc.

➢ VGL’s China and Hong Kong offices are open.

➢ Several airlines have suspended some services, largely passenger services.

➢VGL is currently able to move airfreight into Australia and New Zealand.

The area that remains uncertain is the goods manufacturing position and the supply chain participants who move the goods from factories to air and sea ports, who include trucking companies, export customs brokers, etc.

So the movement of goods through ports and onto aircrafts and ships will be determined largely by your supplier’s resumption of manufacturing.

We expect to see the resumption of manufacturing to occur slowly and therefore cargo loadings for the next 4 weeks to remain soft.

If you have any questions concerning the above, please feel free to contact your assigned Account Manager or Customer Service Representative.

VGL will continue to update you as information comes to hand.