In response to the increasing global spread of Khapra Beetle (Trogoderma granarium) and detections on a wide range of plant products and from places where this pest is not known to occur, the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment has just released details of planned urgent actions to prevent an incursion in Australia.

The urgent actions are being implemented on high-risk plant products, including certain grains, seeds, beans, nuts and dried foodstuffs in several phases as outlined below.

Please click here to see Planned Urgent Actions.

Khapra Beetle is found throughout Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Europe. A full list of target risk countries
can be found here

More information on Khapra Beetle, including how to identify it, can be found here.

A full list of high-risk plant products including details regarding the measures and how they may affect your
business can be found here.

Please contact your VGL representative if you require further information.