This has certainly been a year like no other, for many reasons.

Through VGL’s OneTrack, we are aware of much larger than normal cargo volumes arriving in December and January.

Typically, November sees the largest volumes, however, December and January volumes will exceed what was a very large November.

There will be 5 working days lost in the month of 19/12/20 – 17/01/20, a loss of 25%;
1. Christmas Eve, Thursday 24/12/20
2. Christmas Day, Friday 25/12/20
3. Boxing Day Holiday, Monday 28/12/20
4. New Year’s Eve, Thursday 31/12/20
5. New Year’s Day, Friday 01/01/21
6. Australia Day, Tuesday 26/01/21

These conditions constitute a “force majeure” event, for the period 19 December 2020 to 17 January 2021.

Therefore, for the period from 19 December 2020 up to and including 17 January 2021, the following varied terms will apply for all;

1. Due to the need to perform work during weekends and public holidays (at overtime rates) a surcharge of $75 per container will be levied. By working shifts over these days, we hope to minimise wharf storage and container detention for customers.

2. In addition, container lifts will be charged on every full container that remains stored in our yards 6 days after vessel ETA. This is due to the density of stored containers requiring many more lifts to “dig out” specific containers for customers.

3. Before VGL may be liable for any container detention, notice, in writing, of at least 4 full working days must be provided.

Please contact your Customer Service representative, or Scott Walker, National Transport Manager, Commercial, for further information.