VISA Global Logistics Services

VISA Global Logistics Services

VISA Global

Warehousing and 3PL

VISA Global Logistics utilises real-time management and seamless collaboration with EDI and IT systems to provide increased accuracy. This accuracy has positioned VISA Global Logistics as a world leader in packing and unpacking, cross-docking, stock taking and reporting, warehouse storage and distribution.



Bonded Warehousing



Pick and Pack


VISA Global

Zero Warehouse

Let VISA look after your supply chain whilst you focus on the most important thing: your business. We’ve set up our operation so your supply chain can be one of your key competitive advantages, Operating 24/7 helping ambitious businesses grow with innovative and proven solutions, used by sole traders right through to global conglomerates.


Benefit from localised freight forwarding, customs clearance, warehousing and transport. No matter where in Australia your business is located, VISA has intermodal facilities located close to all major ports and airports. We are where you need us to be.

Grow My Business

Partner with one supplier, VISA, for the entire logistics journey. We operate the entire process in house and we operate 24 hours / 7 days a week. This means you and your business won’t miss a beat.

Global locations to support growth

No.1 freight forward in the Holy > AU trademark + on the major player in China > AU trade

Access to one track reporting

Providing insight into trends + though performance + KPI reporting, make informed decision.

Outsource warehousing + transport

Visa WH + TP capability

AU + NZ Coverage

Make my business more efficient

Integrate your procurement system with VISA’s operations and tracking software, OneTrack. This means automation and realtime tracking of stock availability, stock ordering, pick up at origin, right through to delivery at destination.


Real time visibility of shipment – reduce labour + increase efficiency. (Automation)

Work W/1

Supplier throughout the whole process instead of clearing / chasing multiple suppliers

Specialised Fleet

That can carry more weight

System Integration

Leading to significant automation

Increased security, efficiency + reduced environmental impact. VISA facilities are strategically geographically harmonious to major business hubs to help you power growth and control costs. Imagine the peace of mind that comes with having complete visibility + increased capability of your supply chain from partnering with just one supplier.

VISA Global

AU + NZ Locations

Not only VISA-owned, but geographically harmonious to major business hubs. VISA Global facilities are strategically geographically harmonious to major business hubs to help you power growth and control costs.

VISA Global

International Locations

VISA Global owns and operates 66 offices all over the world and covers over 200 more locations through our agents.

VISA Global Logistics

Awarded business