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“We really wanted to grow the business, both domestically and internationally”

Nicholas Foster, CEO at Coco Republic

"Over the years, we've worked collectively with VISA on innovation. A large part of that is the OneTrack system - which is now integrated in with our IT systems, so we've got seamless document flow through to Customs, through to customers; it's saved us a lot of labour time..."

Les Schirato, CEO Vittoria Food & Beverage

We asked Japanese multinational and long-time customer, Brother International, how VISA Global had helped make order fulfillment one of their competitive advantages.

Craig Hayhow, General Manager - Operations and Service at Brother International (Aust) Pty Ltd

Abdul Jaffar, speaks about the relationship with VISA Global Logistics and the benefits it's brought to Fantastic's business.

Abdul Jaafar, Supply Chain Manager - Fantastic Furniture


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    Effects of Direct Empty Container Dehire to Wharf

    Several major shipping lines are changing their empty container return policies. Some empty containers are now being returned directly to the shipping terminal instead of an empty container depot. Several empty container depot operators have issued statements that these new de-hire policies would be strictly enforced, and that trucks attempting to unload containers at alternative locations would be rejected.

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    How to choose the right 3PL warehousing provider?

    Outsourcing your warehousing needs to a 3PL company makes a lot of sense, particularly when looking to expand and scale your business. 3PL companies specialise in all the necessary operational tasks that work synergistically to create an efficient supply chain. They are experts in maintaining equipment, hiring staff and tracking inventory. In many cases they do these tasks faster and cheaper and more effectively than a business managing these tasks internally. So, with all the providers out their offering 3PL warehousing, how do you go about selecting the right one?

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    Difference between LCL and Consolidation

    If your company is shipping goods, but you don’t have the quantity to fill a full ocean container, a Less than Container Load (LCL) service may be the answer. LCL shipments are handled by the shipping line and are more economical for companies than using airfreight, particularly when the shipment is not time-sensitive. The shipping line will gather all shipments marked LCL and combine them into one container.

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