VISA Global Logistics (VGL) today announced the appointment of Mr. Stanley Gomez as the Executive Director of VGL Turkey effective immediately. In this position, Stanley will be working closely with Mr. Ali Akpancar, Managing Director of VGL Turkey, to achieve growth and to minimise business risk.  Stanley’s Turkish freight experience spans over 12 years, ensuring an intimate understanding of the local market. His related skills in logistics, managerial, financial and strategic departments will assist in realising the company’s objectives.

Stanley has taken on this role to complement his current position of Managing Director of Navigators VISA Global Logistics (NVGL) – VGL’s business arm in India. According to Stanley, this strategic move will amplify the cooperation and synergy between the two regions, both of which are poised for growth and are well established in the marble, stone, tiles, automotive and textiles industries.

In addition to this, Stanley believes that Turkey’s influence and importance as an import and export hub in Europe will increase substantially in the next few years.

“Turkey is one of the fastest growing economies in Europe.  There is ample opportunity not only in the main cities but especially in the country’s hinterlands where unique products are made, and logistics can be challenging. We plan to reach out to these regional areas and assist them in getting their products to the world.”

“Turkey’s geographical location and main trade products are also aligned to VGL’s verticals in Europe. VGL is well placed to service Turkey’s trade lanes in Oceania, South East Asia and the Mediterranean.”

“Our goal is to achieve 15,000 TEUs out of Turkey in our first year of operations. I envision the ongoing expansion of VGL in Turkey, adding to the 3 existing offices in Bursa, Samsun and Istanbul.”

“I am looking forward to working with Ali and our Turkey team in 2020. I have always held Turkey in high regard because of its vibrant people, culture and food. It’s my home away from home.”

VGL extends its congratulations to Stanley for his executive appointment.

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