As can be seen from the attached aerial photos, all empty container yards in Sydney are at full capacity.

This is causing the following problems for Mondiale VGL (and all other transport companies);

1. Long rank delays in de-hiring, often up to 4 hours.

2. Additional time to de-hire due to being re-directed from one depot to another.

3. Re-directions to out of port locations, sometimes 50km from the port (Minto).

4. Inability to de-hire at all, causing serious space & operational issues at Mondiale VGL’s yards due “block-stacking” of empties.

Unfortunately, large additional costs are being incurred and which will now need to be passed on.

The additional costs:

1. Container Empty Park waiting time will continue be billed as follows:

a. $125 Per Hour per Standard delivery

b. $150 per hour per Sideloader delivery

2. Empty Container storage at Mondiale VGL yards will be charged, at:

a. Per day per 20’: $15.00

b. Per day per 40’: $30.00.

3. Out of Port De-Hire Fees will be levied at $195 per container (Punchbowl, Strathfield, Enfield, Minto).

Click here to see photos.

VGL continues to lobby the shipping lines and Empty Parks for a solution to this issue.

If you have any questions relating to the above or require further information, please contact your local VGL representative.