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Let VISA Global Logistics look after your supply chain whilst you focus on the most important thing: your business.

We’ve set up our operation so your supply chain can be one of your key competitive advantages. We operate 24/7 and provide innovative and proven solutions to help ambitious businesses grow. We are the preferred partner of sole traders right through to global conglomerates.

VISA Global Logistics

Why ZERO Warehouse

Multiple Locations

Facilities are strategically and geographically harmonious to major business hubs to help you power growth and control costs.


Working with sole traders right through to global conglomerates, we can help you to scale your operations for the long term.

Reduced Expenditures

Free up capital by utilising our facilities, IT infrastructure and our team’s expertise.


A 24/7 dedicated Account Management team ready to own your supply chain operations. No outsourcing on our side.


At the global forefront of warehousing services, we are best placed to take advantage of the latest technology solutions.


Mitigate potential threats and take control of your supply chain with consistent and reliable service quality.

VISA Major Locations

National presence at your doorstep

VISA Global facilities are strategically and geographically harmonious to major business hubs to help you power growth and control costs.

“We really wanted to grow the business, both domestically and internationally”

Nicholas Foster, CEO at Coco Republic

"Over the years, we've worked collectively with VISA on innovation. A large part of that is the OneTrack system - which is now integrated in with our IT systems, so we've got seamless document flow through to Customs, through to customers; it's saved us a lot of labour time..."

Les Schirato, CEO Vittoria Food & Beverage

We asked Japanese multinational and long-time customer, Brother International, how VISA Global had helped make order fulfillment one of their competitive advantages.

Craig Hayhow, General Manager - Operations and Service at Brother International (Aust) Pty Ltd

Abdul Jaffar, speaks about the relationship with VISA Global Logistics and the benefits it's brought to Fantastic's business.

Abdul Jaafar, Supply Chain Manager - Fantastic Furniture


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